Health and Specialist Services at School

Sickness  |  Accidents

In the interests of child well-being we prefer not to have sick or hurt children at school and so parents will be notified and asked to collect their children. This is why it is essential we have parents/caregivers contact numbers as well as emergency contact numbers.

Please keep children away from school if they are: obviously unwell, feverish, very tired, vomiting or diarrhea, conjunctivitis or any of the common childhood illnesses, e.g. chicken pox, mumps, German measles and measles.

If your child is on medication please send it to school in a labeled bag with clear instructions. Staff will assist your child to take their medication if necessary. We do not encourage children to have their own medication with them, with the exception of inhalers.

Sun Sense

In the interests of keeping our tamariki sun safe we have included the purchase of an $8.00 hat/cap for each child to wear at morning tea and lunchtime in Term 1 and 4.

These are the property of the children, but it is recommended that they remain at school. The colour is chosen by which HOUSE group your child is in. The tamariki are responsible for the care of their caps.

The following specialist services visit the school from time to time.

Dental Clinic

Our children are being looked after by the Dental Therapists at the Kaikohe East Clinic. Contact Sheryl on 09 401 1535 if your child needs to see a dentist.

The Public Health Nurse

Visits the school every Tuesday and will deal with any health enquires from teachers and parents. Note: The PHN can now administer antibiotics and cream for sores, etc.

Hearing and Vision Clinic

These are held at school several times a year. All new entrants are checked as well as children who are on their regular checklists. If you have concerns we can refer your child for you.

Special Education Service

These specialists are available to be contacted for support in special circumstances. We will advise you if we think this is necessary. Again, if you have concerns about your child’s academic ability or behaviour please let us know and we can talk about whether SES referral is necessary.

Social Worker in Schools

Our social worker is Lucy Taurua-Mason and she visits the school each week to work with children who have been referred to this service in consultation with parents and whanau.

Te Hau Ora o Kaikohe

Visits three times a week to check sore throats, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday at 9.15am.