Breakfast, Fruit and Milk in Schools

It is important that all children have good food every day. Litter-less lunch boxes are encouraged – using snap lock bags, plastic containers instead of gladwrap and commercially wrapped muesli bars or packets of chips. We are a zero waste school therefore all students are expected to take their rubbish home. We do, however, have a bucket for food scraps, etc. These scraps are fed to a local pig.

Students eat in their class groups and are supervised by their class teacher on the deck outside their classroom at morning tea and lunch. A karakia for kai is said in each classroom prior to eating.

Food | External Support

We are very appreciative of the support we receive from these companies. We receive lots of support from external companies:

Breakfast in Schools

Anchor and Sanitarium supply Weetbix and Milk for the term.

Fruit in Schools

Supply fruit three times a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday)

Milk in Schools

Supply milk every term (as well as breakfast milk)


Supply hot food, muesli snacks, fruit salad, scroggin, bread, spreads, tissues, head lice shampoo, shoes, coats, etc

Morning tea and lunch available

These can be ordered at the school office with Whaea Stacy before school each day. A variety of food is available. Morning tea costs $3.00. Lunch is $3.00. Whaea Shar is responsible for providing delicious and filling kai for students and staff.