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  • You can enrol your child any time before they turn five. It is helpful for planning and transition processes if you have enrolled them the year before they turn five.  It is best if you ring the school to make an appointment with our principal, Mr Dee Luckin to discuss enrolment.

  • We are required prior to starting school to sight and take a copy of the birth certificate and a record of vaccinations; schools are required to collect vaccination information for the Ministry of Health.  If your child was not born in New Zealand we also need to sight and copy passport documentation.

  • We have at least two new entrant classes.  Children are placed into one of these on entry to the school.  Dependent on when their birthday falls, they may remain in these classes for the year or move to a junior class if further new entrant numbers require.  Transition to the next class level is managed by the teachers and you will be consulted in process.

  • Five year olds starting school in the first term are classified as Year 1 and will be Year 2 in the following year.  Children starting in term three (July) and term four are classified as Year 0 and will be Year 1 in the following year.

Little Boscos

We have a preschool transition class called Little Boscos.  This is run every Wednesday afternoon for an hour.   You and your child are welcome and encouraged to attend this class together for a few weeks leading up to your child starting school.  Little Boscos is designed to help make your child’s transition to school successful, its aim is to help your child become familiar with the school environment, the routines and expectations.

They will also meet other children who will be starting school around the same time.  It is a good way to introduce yourself and your child to our school community.

Pre visits to the classroom in the two or three weeks prior to starting school can be organised between you and the class teacher.  This usually involves 2 visits, however this does vary for each child and the duration of the visit can be discussed between you and the teacher.  During this transition time you may like to find out about;

  • Expectations of your child

  • Discuss with the teacher any worries or concerns you may have

  • The location of the toilets and cloak bays

  • What the uniform is

Do ask if other information is not covered in your sessions.  If this is your first child starting school you will have a lot of things you’ll want to know.  No question is a silly question.

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