Our principal teaches in the classroom 3 days per week and is supported by a Principal Release teacher for 2 days per week. This allows the Principal time to complete the necessary administration, caretaking and cleaning duties that are required. We have a part-time Office Administrator (4 days per week). We are also fortunate to have volunteers who take the time out of their day to support the school in the classroom or grounds on a regular basis.

Our school is directed by our Kaihu Valley School Charter and ensures that our children receive a quality education in line with the New Zealand Curriculum and the Digital/Technology Curriculum. Staff receive on-going Professional Development to support their teaching, and to keep them up to date with the latest educational trends. Literacy and Numeracy are priority learning areas and are integrated within our overarching theme of ‘Kaitiakitanga’.

Staff utilise their particular strengths to enhance student achievement and work together to ensure that the children’s learning is addressed alongside the NZ Curriculum.

All at risk students have an Individual Educational Plan (IEP) that is specific to their individual needs. Assessments are undertaken according to the time-table, and the results are shared with students, staff and parents. These assessments help identify areas that need to be worked on for the student’s learning, or areas for extension. Our data is used by the students to measure their own performance and identify the next steps in their learning.

Staff Position Email Address
Sonia Simeon Principal
Neville Boone Principal Release Teacher *
Cindy Dobson Office Administrator