Sports Team

Our school encourages pupils to participate in organised sports. Unfortunately, Kaihu Valley School does not organise Saturday morning sports teams but we can point you in the right direction if you want your child to play weekend sport.


Children learning Swimming and Water Safety Skills during most of term one and term four. All children are expected to participate in swimming lessons, and a phone call or a note is required if they are not able to participate. It is advisable for the children to have their togs at school each day during the summer months. Children with open sores/cuts are not allowed in the pool.

Community Swimming Pool

Arrangements need to be made with the Principal for the community to use the school pool outside of school hours. Please ensure the pool gate is locked when you leave. Children must be accompanied by an adult or a responsible older person. Please adhere to the pool rules of ‘No Bombing’, ‘Diving’ or ‘Jumping in and out of the pool ’ as this will cause the water level to drop and the pump burning out. Failure to follow these three simple rules will result in the pool being closed to the community.