Staff administer basic first aid when required. Gloves are worn when dealing with blood. If your child is unwell or involved in a serious accident we will endeavour to contact you in the first instance. If the Doctor or further medical treatment is required and we are unable to contact you, arrangements will then be made at the discretion of the Principal. Please let us know if you change your doctor.

Kaihu Valley School children are expected to follow the school routine of hand washing before eating and after using the toilet

Staff are to be advised if children have particular medical conditions, or notifiable diseases. If your child required medication for Asthma or Stings etc, please advise the school. If your child needs to have medication administered at school, we will need written permission from parents/caregivers.

Dental Treatment

Treatment is available from the Dental Nurse based at Dargaville Intermediate School Dental Clinic. Appointments are organised annually and parents/caregivers are contacted individually. In an emergency you may contact the Dental Nurse directly on 09 439 8045.

Head Lice  |  School Sores

From time to time we have outbreaks of these conditions. In the case of school sores Doctors advice needs to be sought, and children kept at home until the infection is under control. Medication to treat head lice is available from the chemist. Children are also taught how to identify if they have head lice through lessons with the Health Nurse who usually hands out pamphlets. We need to be informed when either of these conditions appears. Children should be kept home until the condition has been treated.

Hearing and Vision

All new entrant children are tested in their first year at school by qualified personnel from the Northland District Health Board. Year 7 students are also tested each year and any other children who have been referred by class teachers. If you suspect that your child has a problem with hearing or vision, please advise us so that we can notify the Hearing / Vision Personnel.