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General Information

‘Research shows that there is a definite connection between student attendance and student achievement’


We request a note or phone call stating the reason for the absence of your child/children. We ask that you contact the school before 8.30am on the morning of the absence, or prior to the day if possible, so that we may be assured there have not been any mishaps enroute to school. You can leave a phone message.

In accordance with the Education Act 1989 (Part lll, Sections 24 and 25) parents are legally required to ensure their children attend school, unless they are ill or permission has been granted by the Principal for an approved absence. When your child returns to school after an absence, notification is required stating the date(s) the child was absent and the reason. If your child required leave or reasons other than illness, please communicate with the Principal in advance. It is school policy to follow up any unexplained absences; initially with a telephone call from the office staff and then if there are still concerns, by written communication from the Principal.

Animals in the School Grounds

At the moment, Kaihu Valley School has a school pet dog (Molly) who attends school every day and lets everyone know when strangers have entered the school grounds (safety). The students at Kaihu Valley School are taught respect and care for animals and the environment, therefore any small creatures that are studied at school like spiders or insects must be properly cared for and released back into the environment unharmed.


Full consultation with parents will be undertaken before any camps take place. Camps are planned with educational purposes and are related to in-class learning.

Child Custody  |  Access

In cases where children are in the custody of a separate caregiver, the school will need clear instructions in writing as to who can and cannot have access. If there is a court ruling, then the school needs to know.


Please ensure that all clothing is clearly named. Children are expected to take responsibility for their clothing. There is no lost property in the school.

Code of Conduct

Kaihu Valley School believes in a positive approach to behaviour management.  Behaviour problems are minimised by having a school-wide code of conduct and a behaviour plan.

Emergency Drills

Staff and students are taught Emergency Drills in case of a Flood, Fire or Earthquake. Regular drills are held at least once per term. As in all emergencies the children’s safety is paramount. All safety concerns are conveyed at staff via the Principal. The local Civil Defence is available to help in class programmes if required.


The BOT from time to time may undertake fundraising activities to finance school projects, excursions, for new equipment or raise money for extra-curricular activities. Community assistance in these ventures is very much appreciated, as locally-based funds are essential to achieving the desired school outcomes.

Interviews  |  Reports

If at any stage you wish to discuss your child / children’s progress or welfare, please contact us for an interview. It is always better to address issues immediately if you feel there is a problem. Likewise, if we have concerns we will do the same.

Formal Parent/Teacher interviews will be held for all students – parents/caregivers will be notified. Every child will receive a written report at the end of term 2 and term 4.

New Entrants

  • The majority of our new entrants come from the local community or families new to the area. School visits are encouraged for pre-enrolled children to assist with the smooth transition to school.

  • A birth certificate and immunisation certificate must be sighted on enrolment

Parental and Caregivers Involvement

Parents and caregivers are welcome at Kaihu Valley School – the school adopts an open door policy.  Please speak to the Principal if you are able or would like to assist in class. The importance of parental support and involvement is essential for a school this size.  Our school has a ‘community spirit’ as parents are willing helpers on school excursions, camps and sporting events, and their support is very much appreciated. Our goal is to support and enhance the learning of the children of Kaihu Valley School.

Parents Helpers

Parents who would like to become parent helpers should make an appointment to speak with the Principal.  We encourage parents to be involved in our school as much as possible.

Parking Area

There is a circular driveway or the front of the school where the bus drops off and picks up the children – parents can park alongside the brick wall and fence as long as they do not obstruct the bus and are aware of the children.

Personal Property

Kaihu Valley School BOT and staff do not accept any responsibility for personal items such as electronic devices, jewellery, cell phones etc, that children bring to school, if they are damaged or go missing. Children are encouraged not to bring personal property to school.

Scholastic Book Club

Students have the opportunity to purchase personal reading books from Scholastic Book Club at reduced prices. Offers are sent out to families twice a term and the closing dates for orders are notified in the School Newsletter. The library also benefits through free books depending on the number of orders made.

Sun Safety

All students are encouraged to wear a hat during terms one and four. It is expected that parents will apply sunscreen to their children before coming to school. Children may also bring along their own sunscreen. There is a supply of sunscreen at school.

Travel to School

Parents who transport their children to school may be entitled to a conveyance allowance. The amount depends on the distance the child lives from school and the age of the child. The necessary forms for this are available from the office.

Working Bees

From time to time the BOT will organise working bees and it is expected that parents / caregivers will contribute their time in return for free stationery and uniform tops. ‘Many hands make light work’. The working bee can be a social time and gives the parents the chance to ‘catch-up’ with one another.