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Page Styling Options

Page Title

Please choose your preferred page title alignment below (3 to choose from)

Page Title – Left Underline (A)

Page Title – Centre Underlined (B)

Page Title – Centred Line Through(C)

Sub Section Title

Please choose your preferred sub section title styling below (3 to choose from)

This can be used to break up specific parts of your web page

Sub Section Title – Double Line (A)

Sub Section Title – Single Underline (B)

Sub Section Title – Single Line Through (C)

Button Style

Please choose your preferred button styling and colour(s) below (4 to choose from)

If you prefer a different school colour, please let us know and we can apply those changes.

2 colour 3D button
1 colour 3D button
2 colour Flat button
1 Colour Flat button