Hearts and Minds

Keys for Learning

For Parents and Caregivers of Primary and Intermediate school aged children.

Engaging Parents

This eight week course equips parents with the keys to unlock their child’s potential and engage with their learning.

Parents feel empowered as they understand the connection between their child’s learning style, love languages and personality type and the best way to develop the child’s thinking and problem solving skills.


  • Exploring 21st Century Lifelong learners

  • Understanding Children’s Learning Styles

  • Understanding Children Problem Solving/ Thinking Skills

  • Understanding Children’s Personality Styles

  • Understanding Love Languages

  • Examining Culture & Education

Key Learning

What skills, attitudes & values will our children need in the 21st Century

Before-yellow post it notes
After-pink post it notes

The different learners summary points

Rise UP dads get straight down to business planning the family date night….

and we found that ideas flowed freely if we stood up during group discussions…..managing the learning styles.

Thinking about our Culture and its impact on Education….


“I have found a whole new insight into the way children learn and how to help them learn even better.
The environment was awesome and was easy to comprehend.
It is a must for everyone who feels their children deserve a whole lot more from their time spent in School and from home as well. I feel like a big kid who just learnt something new. Cheers big ears.”

Matua's Dad, Billy

“I recommend that every dad attends the workshops. I felt like I took the backseat with regards to my kids education but feel that I now better understand how to help my kids in their learning. I really enjoyed the topic of learning style. I have now recognised my own learning style, after all these years! I now take more notice of what my kids are involved in and try different things to make learning fun. Thanks for the great tips.”

Geoff Tapora-Holmes

“Parenting is one of the most important and difficult jobs I’ve ever had! Grappling with the day to day dramas of raising children is challenging in itself but having also to keep up with what’s being taught in the classroom can sometimes be overwhelming. Anyone who wants to know how they can assist their kids learning and understand better how learning is done in the classroom should attend the Rise UP Trust’s parenting (Hearts & Minds) workshop. Parents partnering with their child’s teacher has got to be a good thing. The workshop presenters (who are experienced teachers) have an ability to empower you with the knowledge and skills to help you to be your kids ‘best teacher/s’ It’s been a superb, fun and enriching experience for my family. A big Tapora-Holmes whanau thanks to Rise UP team.”

Father and Mother of Renee, Gaby, Eden, Melody, Jeremiah & Sebastian

“We are so grateful for what Rise UP has instilled in us and our girls. Truly believe you’ve created a new way of learning and interaction between parents, children and community. A whole new generation birthed to rise up”.

Tupa'i Family

“Love Languages has improved our family communications while doing homework. By using words of affirmation towards Gafatasi the atmosphere is a lot more open for him to respond. Raymond also excels with words of affirmation but I use it to get him enthusiastic about starting his homework. For Raymond physical touch by means of a hug and an act of service by means of kicking a ball with him afterwards best suits him.”

Rimoni whanau