Irish Lodge [ARA] Music Competition 2018


Between 1998 and 2015 there was a Knights Templar – APPA Music Competition for children in years 5 – 8 that gave young people performance experience before an audience and with prizes that helped defray the cost of musical tuition to families. This particular competition ended in October 2015.

Current Situation

The Irish Lodge [ARA] has willingly offered to continue to support a music competition for the young people. Representatives from the Lodge have worked with members of the APPA Executive to work out the best way this competition would work. The APPA Executive are most enthusiastic about the competition that, not only provides a financial support towards tuition fees and replacement instruments, but also gives these young people public performance experience, feedback on their musicianship and provides a talent pool of soloists for APPA events.

This competition will, once again, be the most prestigious music competition for primary-intermediate aged children in Australasia.

Young people who are eligible are:

  • Living somewhere in the APPA region between Pukekohe and Wellsford.
  • In year 5-8 classes.  Years 9 and over are not eligible.
  • Have NZ citizenship or have Permanent Residency. Proof required.
  • Have Grade 5 or higher in music exams. A copy of the certificate is essential.

Information and Application Form

Please click on the links below to download the PDF.

Important information with respect to the upcoming ARA Lodge No 348 Music Competition:

If there are a large number of applicants there will be a Preliminary Competition on Sunday, 9th September. The finals will be on Sunday, 23rd September, from about 12.00 or 1.00 through to about 4.00 pm at the ARA Lodge at 87 Airedale St in the CBD. The judges are Brecon Carter, Coral Bognuda and Alan Jermaine.

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