ASB/APPA/TTPA Travelling Fellowship

The ASB/APPA Travelling Fellowship made its first “prestigious awards” in 1966. Since then (with the odd exception) two awards have been made to principals in the Auckland and/or Tai Tokerau area each year.

The awards are supported financially by the ASB and leave on pay is granted by the MOE as one of the prestigious awards. One award is for one term and gives the recipient $20,000 for expenses, the second is for two terms and $35,000 for expenses.

The process for the Awards is administered by the APPA Trust which was set up for this express purpose in 1965. Currently, the secretary for the Trust is Sue Green and the chair is Heath McNeil (APPA member/appointment). The Trust also has representation from APPA, TTPA, NZSTA [Auckland], ASB and the MOE.

Traditionally, the Trust meetings and the interviews for applicants have been hosted by the MOE (through its representative) in the Auckland Office.

The Trust has an “honours board” for recipients which is currently on display at the Kohia Teachers Centre in the “APPA Lounge.”

Recipients of both awards are required to write a report (similar to a research project) and “present” their findings in a range of ways including a presentation to alumni of the fellowship. Copies of the report go to a variety of recipients including university libraries, the MOE, the Minister of Education and other interested parties.

The ASB has traditionally been the funding/business partner with APPA for this award. Recently, the fellowship “funder” role has been subject to a tender process. The ASB has strongly defended its role and won the tender – including requesting an additional clause to give the ASB right of renewal – for a further three years, ensuring the partnership continues.

The ASB has traditionally been one of APPA’s sponsors and this is a valued relationship for both parties. The award is of significant importance and value to both ASB as our business partner and to APPA and Tai Tokerau principals.

Kevin Bush
APPA Immediate Past President

The APPA Executive and APPA Trust Board are delighted to announce the successful applicants for the
2019 APPA/ASB/TTPA Travelling Fellowship has been awarded to:

  • One term – Fintan Kelly, principal of Pakuranga Heights School , Auckland about “Coaching, what will work in a NZ Context?”
  • Two terms – Bastienne Kruger, principal Hukerenui School, Tai Tokerau Principals’ Association about “What does a future learner look like for us and how does digital literacy support this learning? ”.

Thanks are conveyed to all applicants and congratulations to Fintan and Bastienne.

The 2018 APPA/ASB/TTPA Travelling Fellowship were awarded to:

  • One term – Brenda McPherson, principal of Windy Ridge School, Auckland about “Cultural Connectedness”
  • One term – Michael Maher, principal of St Thomas’s School, Auckland about “Re-visioning School Libraries”.

Further Information

Click on any of the documents below to download and view.  Applications are now closed for 2019.

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