APPA Rehu Tai Festival of Oral Language


  • Each Principal’s Association is to run their own Rehu Tai competition in 2019 so initial enquiries go to your cluster organiser please.
  • Clusters may choose to continue with only speech entries or to include the streams of Rap, Spoken Word Poetry and/or Flash Talk (see details below)
  • There is no Auckland wide competition in 2019 for Rehu Tai but some individual language speech competitions continue (click here for details)
  • Cluster organisers will meet in Term 4 to determine next steps for Rehu Tai in 2020 including the development of Auckland wide competitions.

Oral language covers many facets of our student’s lives and the Rehu Tai festival is a way to embrace and celebrate the diversity of oral language within our community; both culturally and generationally.

The Rehu Tai Festival of Oral Language began in 2015 in Papakura as a way to celebrate the diversity of oral language within their community. The name Rehu Tai, meaning sea spray, was gifted by local businessman and educator Dean Grace.

Rehu Tai, in relation to speech, means if you are talking with passion the spittle from your mouth flies like sea spray!  This is indeed something witnessed on marae where kaumatua speak with this kind of passion while in full delivery of their korero!

The Rehu Tai Oral Language Festival encourages Year 5/6 and Year 7/8 students to explore the oral language streams of Rap, Spoken Word Poetry, and 102 Flash Talk as well as traditional Speeches.

In 2019 each APPA cluster will be able to hold their own competitions.

More about Rehu Tai here

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APPA 2018 Direction

The APPA WAG suggested that in 2018 clusters decide amongst themselves if they will take on all 4 genre or agree to do parts of the festival. The 3 minute prepared speech that is based on persuasive language remains in place. New to the Festival are 102 Flash Talk; Rap; and Spoken Word Poetry – stream criteria and resources follow.

The Maori language and Pasifika language competitions will remain. However, clusters can choose to incorporate other languages in their Rehu Tai Festival of Oral Language.

This ensures all languages are embraced and every effort is made to source judges in the chosen language of participants.

In term 4 cluster organisers met to refine how this can work across all clusters in 2019. Any cluster queries email or


2019 schools will agree in clusters when they will hold cluster competitions.


Timing will be determined in your own school by cluster competitions. It takes 4 to 5 weeks for children to prepare for each stream they wish to enter.

One person (or a small team) will need to organise the cluster festival. Large clusters might choose to split. In the school competition children could arguably speak in all four streams but schools can only enter one speaker into each stream from Year 5/6 and Year 7/8.

how it works
rubric information for schools