APPA Awards and Executive History

APPA Award Winners 2018

Fellow of the APPA 2018

Delanee Dale
Cathy Chalmers
Martyn Weatherill
Jason Swann
Sarah Mirams
Sandra Jenkins
Helen Varney
Craig Holt

Fellow of the APPA

Year Name
1979 Russ Gerrard
1979 Roy Sanders
1984 Mary Rawlinson
1987 Nigel Langston
1987 Ross Agnew
1987 Tom Brown
1988 Ian Payne
1988 Russ Fletcher
1988 Elwyn Richardson
Year Name
1989 Barry Cashmore
1989 Ross Whimp
1989 Ron McDonald
1990 John Boyens
1991 Pat Riley
1991  Rob Giddings
1992 Alan Jermaine
1993 Marie Rooke
1995 Glenys Ashby
Year Name
1995 Kevin O’Carroll
1996 Brother Anthony Ford
1998 Peter O’Sullivan
1998 John Willmott
1999 Mike Gardner
1999 Madeleine East
1999 Margaret Zubcic
2000 Bruce Adin
2000 Laurie Thew
Year Name
2001 Lois Kirkbride
2003 Lionel Mickel
2003 Gary Pearce
2004 Bas Barribell
2004 Jan Nicol (Konica)
2004 Megan Bowden
2005 Ian Fox
2005 Chris Wargent
2005 Leo Stafford-Bush
Year Name
2006 Alan Foy
2006 Liz Horgan
2006 Andrew Tait
2007 Roger Harnett
2007 Anne Malcolm
2008 June McMillan
2008 Colin Andrews
2009  Athol Evans (Konica)
2009  Sandra Hewetson
Year Name
2009 Ken Pemberton
2009  Dave Shadbolt
2010 Marily Gwilliam
2010 Julien LeSueur
2011 Stuart Myers
2011 Malcolm Milner
2011 John Faire
2011 Alan Jermaine
2012 Russell Burt
Year Name
2012 Owen Alexander
2013 Terry Hewetson
2013 Linley Bruce
2013 Catherine Rivers
2013 Judy Hanna
2014 Jill Corkin
2014 Anthony Noble-Campbell
2014 Nicola Girling
2014 Maree Bathurst
Year Name
2014 Barry Duckworth
2014 Iain Taylor
2014 John McGowan
2014 Rex Buckley
2014 Heather Atkinson
2015 Kevin Bush
2015 Steve King
2015 Marian Caulfield
2015 Janice Vermeulen
Year Name
2015 Sheryl Fletcher
2015 Karen McMurray
2015 Bruce Adin (Appreciation for work in the educational sector)
2016 Deidre Alderson
2016 Brian Gower
2016 Noelle Fletcher
2016 Bruce Warren
2016 Heath McNeil
2016 Julie Carter (Distinction)
Year Name
2017 Donal McLean
2017 Cherie Taylor-Patel
2017 Gavin Beere
2017 Colin Dale
2017 Julien Le Sueur
2017 Faye Hauwai (Learning Network NZ)
2017 Michael King (Cognition Education)
2017 Ian Chadderton (Photolife)
2017 Kate Backler (Faculty of Education & Social Work)

Distinguished Fellow of the APPA

Year Name
2013 Bruce Adin
2013 Roger Harnett
2013 Ian Fox
2014 Liz Horgan
2016 Linley Myers
2016 Catherine Rivers
Year Name
2016 Dave Shadbolt
2016 Jill Corkin
2016 Frances Nelson
2016 John McGowan
2017 Marian Caulfield
2017 Deidre Alderson
Year Name
2017 Maree Bathurst
2017 Steve King
2017 Iain Taylor
2017 Malcolm Milner
2017 Laurie Thew
2017 Owen Alexander

Life Membership

Year Name
2017 Alan Jermaine
Gary Moss


Year Name
2008 O Alexander
2009 M Gwilliam
2010 I Taylor
2011 T Hewetson
Year Name
2012 J Corkin
2013 B Gower
2014 D Alderson
2015 F Nelson
Year Name
2016 D Manners
2017 K Bush
2018 H Varney

ASB / APPA Travelling Fellows: Auckland (Six Months/Two Terms) Fellowship

Year Name School Topic
1966 Hugh L Francis Remuera Intermediate Continuity of education Primers to Form III
1967 Fred J Dare (Deceased) Glen Taylor Teaching of English in primary and elementary schools
1968 Cliff A Crossman (Deceased) Howick Intermediate The science and art of principalship
1969 Nelson H Irwin Owairaka Equal opportunity through education for multi-ethnic 3-13 year olds
1970 John C Davenport (Deceased) Kedgley Intermediate Feelings of adequacy of the beginning teacher
1970  M G Check (Deceased) Te Atatu Intermediate Education for living—morals, character and citizenship
1971 Stewart R Rundle Papatoetoe South The professional responsibility of senior teachers in primary schools
1972 John Peet Maungawhau Pre-school education
1973 William E Barris Birkdale North Observations of developments in music education
1974 Russ G Fletcher Glen Eden Intermediate Education of children of NZ intermediate school age
1975 Nigel Langston Freyberg Memorial Community schools
1976 William [Bill] Waters Papakura Normal Educational television
1977 G Russ Gerard Bairds Intermediate How schools plan for the changing needs of pupils
1978 Tom L Brown Greenmeadows Intermediate The changing role of the principal
1979 James Kelly Edmund Hillary Teachers’ centres and educational resources
1980 Lewis Beck Ponsonby Primary Curricula and methods for multi-cultural schools
1981 Ian F Payne Avondale Intermediate Educational administration for principals
1982 Gary C McGuigan Kowhai Intermediate The middle school system in North America
1983 Robin C McConnell Fairburn In-school development in times of falling rolls
1984 Ron D McDonald Mangere East Assessing and improving teacher effectiveness
1985 Brian E Travers Elm Park Modern technology as an in-school aid
1986 Laurie Thew Manurewa Central Mainstreaming special education
1987 Doug A Speir Arahanga Intermediate Alternative programmes for under-achieving pupils at intermediate levels
1988 Joan Scanlan Mt Roskill Primary Health education
1989 Madeleine E East Favona Community involvement in the administration of schools
1990 Brian C Pittams Howick Intermediate Collaborative management in schools, Testing in schools
1991 No Award No award – Trust “between” sponsors.
1992 Ross Lamb Mangere Intermediate Evaluation, assessment and appraisal
1993 Colin J Dale Gladstone Catering for children with special abilities
1994 Judy A Hucker Freemans Bay Maths and minority groups
1995 Spencer Baty Cockle Bay Total quality management in schools
1996 Alan Jermaine Papatoetoe Intermediate Teaching the arts
1997 Cedric B Wilson Auckland Normal Intermediate The training of principals for quality principalship
1998 R Ken Knight  Riverview Barriers to learning—some options
1999 Judy Hanna  Mangere Bridge Schools making a difference
2000 Frances Nelson  Northcote Primary Improving teaching and learning through professional standards for teachers
2001 Kevin O’Carroll  Sunnybrae Normal Improving teaching and learning through teacher development
2002 Rota Carrington  Avondale Intermediate Developing a culture of high achievement and expectation
2003 Pauline Mundie Elm Park Future Schooling
2004 Sue Mooney Victoria Ave Contributors to success in raising student achievement – the principal’s role
2005 Roger Harnett Browns Bay Gifted and talented students in the classroom setting
2006 Owen Alexander Takapuna Normal Int The use of web based environments to enhance learning
2007 Roween Higgie Remuera Effective professional development.
2008 Colin Andrews Blockhouse Bay Int Managing transition through informed practice
2009 Ann Milne Clover Park Middle School Maori identity
2010 David Hain Totara Grove Sustaining life-long learning in students from low socio-economic communities through quality relationships
2011 Corinne Hansell Tamaki Primary Raising the bar for bi-lingual learners.
2012 Luke Sumich Summerlands Mobile Learning
2013 Adrian Smith One Tree Point Catering for the learning needs of the gifted and talented in a NZ context
2014 Cherie Taylor-Patel Flanshaw Rd Primary Effective networks for learning
2015 Paul Shepherd Kamo Intermediate Inclusive Practices in NZ Schools
2016 Carolyn Marino Westmere Primary From Single Cell to Collaborative Learning Spaces
2017 Alison Spence Kohia Terrace Leading across schools
2019 Bastienne Kruger Hukerenui School What does a future learner look like for us and how does digital literacy support this learning

ASB / APPA Travelling Fellows: Auckland (Three Months/One Term) Fellowship

Year Name School Topic
1977 Jim O’Reilly Tikipunga Programmes for children with bad language backgrounds
1978 Robin Shepherd Kaingaroa Education in Southwest Asia
1979 Vaughan Dyer Aka Aka Helping able children overcome learning difficulties
1980 Michael Mulqueen Opononi Area Schools similar to NZ Area Schools
1981 Ian H Babe Raurimu Avenue Health, Physical Education and Management in schools
1982 Bruce W Adin Paparimu Agriculture education in schools
1983 John Mansbridge Mangonui Outdoor education
1984 Alfred J Snell Kerikeri Teaching children with special needs in their local school
1985 Brian J Donnelly Tauraroa Area Computer assisted learning and instruction
1986 No award
1987 Les Robertson Taipa Area Bilingual education programmes
1988 Val Robinson Paerata School Community Relationships
1989 Christine Gardiner Whau Valley Women in school management
1990 Wallis Walker Wesley Intermediate Professional leadership in self-managing schools
1991 No award – Trust “between” sponsors
1992 Colin Cowie Kaitaia Primary Evaluation, assessment and appraisal
1993 John Hope Lincoln Heights Enhancing children’s learning
1994 No Award
1995 Bruce W Adin Fairburn Alternative staffing strategies
1996 Terry Hewetson Glen Eden Intermediate Managing curriculum change
1997 Nolene E Skeet Manurewa South An integrated curriculum approach to learning
1998 Natalie Smith Albany Moderation of essential skills and learning areas as identified in the NZ Curriculum Framework
1999 Ian Fox Bucklands Beach Intermediate Bucklands Beach Intermediate
2000 Murray G Neighbour Raurimu Avenue Catering for the needs of transient children
2001 Margaret Harris Takapuna Primary Principal’s appraisal and accountability
2002 No award
2003 Vicky Joplin Cosgrove Parent partnerships with schools
2004 Gerald Koberstein Onerahi On-going professional development programmes for experienced principals
2005 John Smith Kamo Intermediate Alternative education options for primary students.
2006 Dallas Graham Willowbank Distributive leadership.
2007 Margaret Zubcic Wairau Special Organisational strategies within inclusive schools.
2008 Lee Whitelaw Ohaeawai School Transition of students – best practice.
2009 No award made
2010 Lilian Ogle Whangarei Heads Using a triadic approach to strengthen partnerships between parents, teachers and students to maximise learning potential
2011 Marian Caulfield Dominion Rd Primary Sustaining success (for primary principals)
2012 David Rogers Paihia Primary The Digital Landscape
2013 Maree Bathurst Albany Primary Student Voice
2014 Sandra Jenkins Freemans Bay Primary Effective design for learning.
2015 Kenneth McLeay Riverview School Models of Appraisals in Small Rural Schools.
2016 Linda Barton Long Bay Primary Bringing Science to Life
2017 Marilyn Dunn Ruakaka School Effective communities of learning models
2018 Brenda McPherson Windy Ridge School Cultural Connectedness , studernt engagement, achievement
2018 Michael Maher St Thomas’s Re-visioning school libraries
2019 Fintan Kelly Pakuranga Heights Coaching – what will work in a NZ context


Year Name
2008 J McGowan
2009 J McGowan
2010 J McGowan
2011 J McGowan
Year Name
2012 J McGowan
2013 J McGowan
2014 H McNeil
2015 H McNeil
Year Name
2016 H McNeil
2017 H McNeil
2018 H McNeil